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(Cost for Media Buying Services is 15% of the Original* Media Budget**)  















Having sold over 1 million dollars and purchased over 2.5 milion of media, Web ‘n Retail provides our music marketing and social media marketing Clients the necessary experience required when it comes to negotiating rates and piggybacking promotions.


The Team's experience includes media buying, analysis and traffic for J. Walter Thompson Advertising, Orenstein/Savage Advertising, MCA (7th Floor), Wherehouse Entertainment, several Record Labels, Alpine Electronics of America, ADC/dbx, Blaser Computers, Ore-Cal Shrimp, Southern California Ford Dealers Association, Burger King, Bally’s Health Clubs and more.


Additionally, the Team's experience includes having sold media for Clear Channel, Mix Magazine, Billboard Magazine, Creem Magazine, Metal Magazine, Musician's Atlas and others.


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* "Original Media Budget" is the budget you give us, prior to us negotiating the best rate for the buy.  Our goal is to negotiate the best rates for you and thus your final bill may likely be lower than the budget you give us.

**Minimum Buy of $1,000 Required  

Media Buying Services

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