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Tastemaker YouTube Posts -

(Campaigns run from $925 to $3,250)

















Our "tastemaker posts" are a form of social media marketing on YouTube. They are posts targeted to the audience you are seeking to reach.  These posts piggyback on some of the largest trusted brands, celebrities, chain stores, products, television shows, movies, music artists, etc.; where millions of dollars have been spent on branding, thus the reason for their large number of users.  There has never been a way to grab the attention of a competitor's audience than this!


We post engaging content more than 1x per month, on the same pages.  This embeds your product or service into "the community" and better ensures impressions.  Just as if you were doing a radio or TV ad buy, the key is consistency. 


With our Social Media Keyword strategy, we use Google research tools to find you the highest trafficked, lowest competition keywords/keyword phrases relative to the pages we are posting on.


You can supply us with the pages you'd like to target and keywords; or leave it to us since we are the social media marketing experts!  We are able to post on approximately 90% of all pages on YouTube and will seek to find those that are the best targets with the highest number of users.  



-  100 posts/4 weeks=$925

-  200 posts/8 weeks=$1,715 
-  300 posts/12 weeks=$2,365 

-  400 posts/12 weeks=   $2,875

-  500 posts/12 weeks=   $3,250

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