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Social Media Management

- Social Media Management Campaign -
(Price:  Set-Up $240 per site.  Monthly Management $275 to $1,380 per month, per site)
















We build and manage social networks for our clients including:  LinkedIn, Pintrest, ReverbNation,, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, OurStage, MySpace, Fanbridge, Whotune, BlackPlanet (for hip hop/R&B artists), etc.  We post each day we are active* and solicit "fans/followers/views, etc." daily to drive traffic to your website of choice, in order to capture new fans and/or email addresses where possible (generally emails are only available on google+ and mySpace).  For YouTube, we grow your contact list and you can eblast through their site to your contact list.

We keep our social media marketing human.  We use only white hat/organic methods. 
All our work is done manually by our Team, no robots, no automated software. 

Our Services Include the Following:

-  Building the profile page (if not already completed)
-  Updating each time we receive new information, photos, etc.
-  New posts each day we are actively pursuing friends/likes /fans/followers, etc.
-  Interaction and solicitation of friends/likes/fans/followers, etc.
-  Answering emails, notifications, etc. when we are able to.  Those we  can't answer are forwarded
to the Client to respond on the site or to us, to post on the site
-  Use of Google tools for highly trafficked keyword trends relative to your business or product
-  We provide bi-monthly reports and usernames and passwords for you to check your stats, anytime, in real time.
-  Individual sites have individual functions. Such as, on Reverbnation, we will also submit to their press, performance and radio opportunities that  are a good match, if the artist has enabled the RPK feature (paid subscription).
-  We turnover all usernames and passwords to you when we create them  on your behalf







Here are a few links to social networks we managed or continue to manage, for our Clients:

Soles of Passion - Cow Girl Bling Video on YouTube
WER3AM Group Video on YouTube
Delilah on ReverbNation
Soles of Passion on ReverbNation
Ariel, Zoey & Eli on Facebook

Soles of Passion on Facebook
 WER3AM on Twitter




OPTION 1:  1 hour per day x 5 days per week=$1,380 per month

OPTION 2:  1 hour per day x 4 days per week=$1,105 per month
OPTION 3:  1 hour per day x 3 days per week=$1,035 per month

OPTION 4:  1 hour per day x 2 days per week=$555 per month
OPTION 5:  1/2 hour per day x 5 days per week=$690 per month

OPTION 6:  1/2 hour per day x 4 days per week=$555 per month
OPTION 7:  1/2 hour per day x 3 days per week=$415 per month

OPTION 8:  1/2 hour per day x 2 days per week=$275 per month

* Note:  Instagram carries a 20% price increase across the board

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