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- Booking Solicitations eBlasts -
(Campaigns run from $300 to $600)


 You select your target venue(s) (wineries, conventions, country clubs, weddings, festivals, clubs, etc.) for eBlasts. 


We then create a tailored eblast and different databases of decision makers for each selected target specific geographic location (+100 mile radius) & surrounding area and eblast to each target every month.


*PRICES for 3 Month Period

OPTION 1:  4 Target Locations + 4 eBlasts per month=$600 per month

OPTION 2:  3 Target Locations + 3 eBlasts per month=$450 per month
OPTION 3:  2 Target Locations + 2 eBlasts per month
=$300 per month

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Based on your goals and budget,

we will provide you with a proposal

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Rock 'n Retail, LLC / Web 'n Retail

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