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- Music Licensing -

We Have Successfully Negotiated MULTIPLE/NON-EXCLUSIVE Music Licensing Deals for Many of the Independent Artists we Represent. 

(Campaigns start at $285)













Allow Us to Submit* Your Music to 
a Number of Licensing Houses For NON-EXCLUSIVE Licensing Deals

Other than Rock 'n Retail's very reasonable fee, you won't pay a thing and you stand to make a portion of the licensing revenue between 13% and 50%

Licensing revenues vary depending on the type of use. Two seconds used in the background of a TV show will earn much less than music placed in a national advertisement, etc. Placements range from $10 to $30,000 per use, and everything in between.

We have a database of over 500 licensing houses.  We submit your music based on the best match to the criteria of music they are seeking to license.

Submission Costs:


Our submission services include up to 3 months of follow up from the date of submission and/or notification of acceptance/finalized submission; whichever comes first.  If the Licensing house has still not made a decision on acceptance, we will turn over all log-in information and/or contact information to you, so you may continue to follow up on your own.


The cost for us to handle your submissions are $285 for submitting the same 2 tracks to two licensing houses.  Additional tracks are $125 for each track submitted to each licensing house.

When/if accepted, we execute the final arrangements for $100 per licensing house (regardless of their size).


*Submissions do not guarantee acceptance by the Licensing house(s)
Note:  should any house require a physical copy of song(s)  in a specific format, the cost for duplication is not included in our servicing fee.


Music Licensing

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we will provide you with a proposal

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