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- Viral Blogging -
Postings on Forums, News Aggregators & Bookmark Sharing Sites
(Campaigns run from $420 to $1,380)














By performing music marketing on bookmark sharing services & news aggregator sites, any one of the multi millions of people these sites reach who has opted in for information about posts tagged with (ie.) music, urban music, famous musicians, hip hop, music marketing, social media marketing, etc. (you pick the tags) will receive this information in a variety of ways; desktop delivery, email delivery, log in pages, etc.  The News Aggregators and Bookmark Sharing Sites also disseminate information to many other sites.  For example; Google Bookmarks has 161.4 million users and 310,314 other sites crawl their site by keywords to pick up information to use on their own sites.   Includes sites such as: Digg, Propeller, Delicious, Connectedy, Blogher, Yahoo Bookmarks, Yahoo Buzz, Windows Live, Topix, About, Wordpress, Wikio, Current, Associated Content and many more.   


Additionally, blogging campaigns also act as an SEO campaign as we are able to affect Keyword Phrases you request so that they come up in a Google (or other) search in the Top 10 results.  


Here's an example of how much effect our campaigns have in just 1 day!

And another example of our continued levels of success

Check out what our marketing campaigns do for your SEO results




Viral Blogging
Viral Blogging Examples
300 Posts = $3,450
200 Posts = $2,500
100 Posts = $1,400
3 Month Campaign
4 Month Campaign

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