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“Hey, has been a pleasure to re-connect and do some business after all of these years. You are the rock-steady personality in an otherwise unstable business. I appreciate all that you do and the effort on behalf of the artists.”
-  BJ Loberman, Unfinished Business Management

“One more shout out to you! I truly appreciate all the help you provided me.”

-  Mark Lanoue, Fiction Syxx Founder


“Just one question... HOW DO YOU HAVE TIME TO DO ALL THAT YOU DO???!!!!  Outstanding work!! Thank you so much!!!!”

-  Katie Garibaldi, Singer/Songwriter/Guitar Player/Heart Follower


“Gale, you are a talented and lovely lady - it was our pleasure to work with you....we appreciate all your efforts and we are very pleased with what you were able to do for Tommy!”

-  Carol Ross, Tommy James’ Manager

"I tried the rest and then found the best!  Web 'n Retail is my one and only go-to now for my Client's spotify promotions."

-  Jeff Brody, CEO - Brody Distribution

" A true pleasure working with you and your team.   You delivered nearly double the 300K combined playlist followers that we ordered!  Great job! Thanks so much!  More to come!"

-  Tom & the TC Music Crew


"As a tool for developing artists, the results we've seen with Web 'n Retail's Spotify Playlist Placement campaign have significantly increased impressions of our singles, streams, listeners and saves.  The fact that they market each single for a full 12 weeks in a variety of different ways on Spotify helps give my budget and my campaigns long legs.”  

-  Jim Martone, Suitable Group

"I've been working with the fab team at Web 'n Retail for about 6 months now on different singles. They have been able to provide an assortment of different services I need, all with excellent results.  Most recently I tried their primary Spotify campaign and once that ended, became their willing "guinea pig" for a new Spotify option they were testing (placement on Collaborative playlists).  As a result I've had 6 months of continually impressive Spotify results at really reasonable rates. After working with many other firms in the past, I'm so grateful to have a firm I can truly count on for results."
-  Eileen Carey, Recording Artist

“Gale uses her old school approach to new school technology and language. Web n’ Retail offers a number of must services for any artist, Indie or label. The company has grit, and gets results.” 

– Joey Alkes/Vast Image Management


"What an amazing resource for an independent artist! Our song was added to countless Spotify playlists. Now we are going for a video campaign."
-  McMains, Recording Artist  

"The team at Web 'n Retail has done an amazing job for my Client's Spotify campaigns.  We couldn't be more pleased with escalation and longevity of our stats. Speaking from experience, there's no reason for me to "test" any other Spotify Promoters." 

-  Jeff Brody, CEO - Brody Distribution


"That's great Gale!!! We are so pleased with you and your staff!!"
- Barbara Burke, Manager of Shane Burke


“My recent experience with Gale Rosenberg and Web ‘n Retail has taught me a lot.   Rarely in my 45 years in the live concert business have I had such an honest,  intelligent and driven ally.  Gale and her team proved to me that some people in the business are still dedicated to hard work and integrity.  It has been a pleasure and good fortune to have had Web ‘n Retail on my team.”

-  Larry Shaeffer, President/Owner, Little Wing, LLC


“Thank you very much for such great job, I have read all your correspondence with Grace during the whole campaign and I have seen all reports. Everything was done on an incredibly high and very professional level. We are looking forward to working with you again.”

-  George Samoylov, Grace Music Management, Inc.


"Gale and her team at Web ‘n Retail are fantastic! They went the extra mile and really delivered in a big way for me. They do so much more than other bigger PR houses and actually give reports to show the progress.  I will be using them from now on…Thanks Gale !!! "

-  Alan Hewitt, Alan Hewitt, Platinum Keyboardist/Producer


“…the campaign has been very strong we just shared a great link up on our Facebook page today. Thanks again for all your hard work and efforts on this and we look forward to catching up.”

-  Nathaniel & Jillian Hoff, The Bergamot, INdependent Artists


“Thank you thank you!!  What an awesome job on press from you & your team. Yay !!  Considering you didn't have much to work with I appreciate all the PR you were able to muster.  So thanks again.”

-  Danielle Antonio, Independent Artist


“Thanks for the excellent service you are providing!  You are our ace in the hole when we get a tour booked!”

-  Charlotte Quinn, CEO of Q Entertainment

“You and your team did a fabulous job!!  Your devotion to the project and responsiveness were amazing.” 

-  James Alexander, Manager of Rome Alexander


"... also, wanted to ask what you guys what you've been doing on the Facebook recently. Our likes have shot up and I had someone comment saying "saw your comment on fall out boys page."
-  Jackson Wise of The Vantage, Independent Artists


“It was really nice working with you [sic] Web ‘n Retail. You really helped establish LACM's social media presence for us! “           
-  Ashley B. Roberts, Vice President of Enrollment Management,  Los Angeles College of Music (LACM)


“Beatrice Mason [sic]  is still charting and Going Strong @ #34, from over a year and half ago, due in part to your work!”

-  Glenn Friedman, The Music Umbrella Consultancy


“Everything looks perfect! Really impressed with your level of professionalism. Glad we made the right choice by working with you.”       
- Arnav Srivastav, CEO of


"Soles of Passion had engaged professional help with our Social Media several times prior to hiring Web 'n Retail.  Sadly, each time, we saw no real progress. Then we hired Web 'n Retail, and all of that changed. Gale's experience combined with her talented crew has helped us enormously in building & exposing our brand.  In just 12 weeks Web 'n Retail took our Facebook from 1,054 to 20,173 likes; our ReverbNation rank up to #1 our national rank up from #10,262 to #58 and our Youtube "Cow Girl Bling" Video views went from 0 to over 9,000.”          
-  Steven Wolfe, Songwriter, Musician, and Co-Founder; Soles of Passion


“Gaining traction through social media is a challenge. Web 'n Retail quickly and effectively reached our target audience and raised the national profile of our brand.”

- Matthew T. Engelbert, Esq. - Executive Producer, Ariel, Zoey & Eli TV & Music Products


“Thanks to you and your team for all the hard work you've done over the past few months. You've been great!”                         
-  Brian Raffuel, Owner Capital Grind Records


“Web ‘n Retail’s programs are great for driving traffic and SEO for our APP.”

-  Mike Yuen - CEO; 3-Dragons Entertainment


"These results are amazing, and it's only week one to say the least. Can't wait for next week when the album finally comes. This is amazing."

-  Crosby Tatum - Executive Producer/CEO Triceptus Studios


“Web ‘n Retail is a company that we absolutely depend on to make our projects take off and reach our specified customers through precise internet marketing.   They achieve great success quickly and you more than get your money’s worth.”
-  Laurie Montgomery; President / MDI Distribution

“Your service through the holidays has been excellent.  I assure you, I will be bringing you additional business in 2010.
- Thornell Jones / Fortress Marketing


"Web ‘n Retail’s knowledge of what the web can do to help exploit your artists' visibility completes the picture for increased sales."
-  Jeff Brody; Owner / Brody Distribution Group


"We've seen a MASSIVE increase in traffic at  We went from 2,000 hits to 33,000 hits in the few weeks since you started our blogging campaign!  Thanks!!”
-  Charlie Irwin -Dreammakers Music


"In Web 'n Retail's first 2 days of blogging, we saw the highest traffic ever on our website."

- Homer Berkowitz, Manager

”This is great! The show is sold out! If you receive any more requests or anything we need stop the presses and let everyone know it is sold out! Robert and I reviewed today and really happy with these results. We will have to look for other shows that would be a good fit for a service like this.”
-  Stefanie Porolniczak -Outback Concerts

"Thanks for the final report for   It's good stuff! I would like for you to start on a new artist/ project (K.SON) for us.  You can use the same campaign for him that we just did with Globaltraxonline and Willie Jolley. Thanks !!! "
- Gerald Wiggins - Wiggins Music Group Worldwide Distribution


“…we selected their "Water The Lawn" Package; the price was unbelievable, as was the service, as were the results.  They established a large internet presence for our new Company, got us in the Top 10 Google results across a variety of keyword phrases we asked for, and drove Holiday sales so well that we were faced with being able to meet all the deliveries.  They even geographically customized the Search Engine submissions and Press eBlasts to Canada only for our Canadian based audience.   There is no way that we could have accomplished all this in house, nor would we have ever pulled off these kind of results."
-  Jon Mikl Thor, Artist & President, Vintage Leagues Clothing, Ltd.


"I was very pleased with the Rock 'n Retail effort on our behalf.  Sales figures don't lie and true to their word, we saw sales increases across the board.  They deliver."

-  John Brodey - President; Food Chain Records

“I wanted to thank you again for your hard work this year, your interaction with retail on our behalf helped us begin to build stories in those markets and has been inspiration and challenge to now continue.  We know we weren’t a success for you on your regular scale of things but you were for us indy folk!   THANKS AGAIN for all the help (we are very happy with your participation) !!!
-  James Book; and


"We've hired Rock 'n Retail on several occasions for various genres of music.  The amount of movement we see, and positioning we obtain, as a result of their programs, far exceeds the cost of their services."                          

-  Scott Bergstein - Sr. Vice President; Higher Octave Music


"I could sleep well at night knowing that awareness on our records was being enhanced at retail via in-your-face and hands-on marketing."    

-  Jim Martone - (Ex) General Manager; Trauma Records


"We are 100% happy with the way Rock 'n Retail handled our project.  They did what they said they were going to do and hit the markets that they said they were going to hit.  They were extremely accessible and responsive.  Their reports are thorough and their approach to the marketing process is well thought out."         

-  Chad Main - President; ORC Records


"Rock 'n Retail is able to facilitate a presence at retail."     

-  Paul Palmer - (Ex) Co-Owner; Trauma Records


"Having a band on tour is key to selling records for Indie labels.  So, when we have a band touring, we figure we have 1 shot to make money.  We have found that our retail sales during a tour are increased whenever  Rock ‘n Retail handles our marketing campaigns.  Plus, the cost for them to hit these home runs is far exceeded by the resulting profits."

-  Frank Mauceri - President,  Smog Veil Records


"I was very pleased with Rock 'n Retail's services and felt it was a good match for the  Perfect Stranger project.  I'll certainly keep Rock 'n Retail in mind for any future projects that appear to be a good match."                                  

-  Jeff Tuerff - V.P. of Marketing; Curb Records


"I've hired Rock 'n Retail several times for fast turnaround, customized marketing jobs.  Each time, they have been phenomenal at handling the job in an "immediate rush" and at very reasonable rates.  They are very good at what they do, and they provide excellent feedback; both verbal and written."                        

-    Cindy Paul - Marketing; ArtistDirect


"Rock 'n Retail rocks the retail world - when only the best will do - hire Rock 'n Retail."     

-  Geoffrey Schuhkarft / President; Crisis Music, Inc.


"...perfect!  Rock 'n Retail  did a great job.  I have no doubt the Market has been covered as well as possible.  I would challenge anyone to do a better job." 

- Joe DeMeo, Kirtland Records


"I look forward to working with you again in the VERY NEAR future, you're the best!"

-  Kehly Sloane, Raystone Records


“Thanks for meeting and discussing your various programs at NARM. By far, you were the most prepared of any outside marketing company that I met with and for that I thank you. You obviously have your act together.”

- Jon Burk - Sr. V.P. Sales & Marketing; Immergent Records


“Rock ‘n Retail demands RESULTS, gets RESULTS, and reports RESULTS. We have yet to have a retail campaign with Rock ‘n Retail that we couldn’t see, feel, and hear their RESULTS. What more could you want at the retail level?”

-  Topher Grant - Marketing Director; Astonish Records


"One of the best weeks yet at retail both Chain and Indie; and the best week to date at indies. This pipeline movement is no doubt attributable to Rock 'n Retail / Web 'n Retail's efforts."

-   Dan Beck - President; Big Honcho Media


"...Rock 'n Retail helps us accomplish our marketing goals and makes sure key decision makers on the retail level have our products at their fingertips.  Hiring Rock 'n Retail is the most cost effective solution to getting the job done."

-  Frank Mauceri - President; Smog Veil Records


“Rock ’n Retail had worked for one of our bigger labels for years, with great results.  When I decided to outsource retail promotion for a title featuring a national artist [Madeleine Peyroux], Rock ‘n Retail mobilized for a campaign I needed ultra-quickly in the heat of the Christmas scramble, and their work really increased the quantities that stores were willing to bring in.  Rock ’n Retail’s pricing is more than fair, and their advice is absolutely solid.  The vast experience they bring to the retail promotion process has had a really positive effect, even for someone like me that’s been involved in music business for the last 20+ years.”

-  David  Andler - C.E.O.,  Morphius Records, Inc.


“I could always count on Gale to deliver above and beyond the expected results. She has an energy level and commitment that was inspiring for the whole team.”
-  Shannon Ashburn - Artist Relations Manager, Astonish Entertainment



“Ive just finished talking to Gale on Skype! I found our talk very inspiring and uplifting!! I was given great tips on how to effectively promote myself and how not to. She was very generous with her knowledge, contacts and experience!! I feel a little bit smarter after our talk and I´m ready to take over the world now :). Thank you so much again for the prize, I really enjoyed it!!”

-   Joni Toth, Independent Artist & Winner-Global MusicAwards  (Referring to her mentoring session that she won along with her  Global Music Award)


"...thanks so much for submitting Smog Veil's music; I apologize that things have taken so long, but the album by the Unknown Instructors has been a big factor in pushing our development team to streamline the "tech" side of the manual submission process.  So thank you so much for your proactive efforts, to help us make that happen!"

-  Rachel Segal; Music IP


“BTW, thanks for being an early mover in regard to being ahead of the game to get Smog Veil’s product live before our launch.”

-  Orville L. Hagler; VP Entertainment Programming, SpiralFrog


“I've known Gale for many years and she is one of the hardest working and most honest people that I know. If Gale says she is going to do something, there is no need to worry about her doing the job to the best of her ability. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Gale in any capacity...consultant, business partner, or friend. There are very few people in the music business these days with her passion and tenacity to do a job and to do it right..”
-  Mark Cope; (Ex) Sr. VP/Retail, The Album Network

“Gale Rosenberg/Rock n' Retail is highly qualified to deliver successful campaigns to all of her clients. I have known and worked with Gale for many years and have always admired her tenacity and effectiveness. I brought her on board to work Smog Veil Records campaigns with me and she has done a brilliant job.”
-  Ilka Erren Pardiñas; President, Fly PR

"Well I heard about your band from a package that was sent to Barnes & Noble.  It included all your background and concert information and a copy of your CD.  There was in invitation in it for us to come see you guys play, and the Manager couldn't go so it got passed on to me!  I love your CD and just wanted to let you know that whoever does your  marketing is doing an excellent job!"
- Jonlyn; Clerk at Barnes & Noble (message sent via Artist's MySpace Site)


“The store reported 65 people came to the performance.   That is incredible in our book !  Thank you again for choosing to partner with Borders !”

-  Darlene Collins;  District Marketing Manager, Border’s Books & Music (Regarding a Pere Ubu  In-Store we arranged with Borders, Cleveland Heights)


 “The event was PERFECT!  The only disappointment was that it wasn’t recorded!”

-  David Thomas; Frontman,  Pere Ubu & Rocket From The Tombs (Regarding a Pere Ubu  In-Store we arranged with Borders, Cleveland Heights)




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