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TO PAY:  Click  Below on "BUY NOW" and insert the service you are paying for + the price. 
Once your payment is received you will receive an email (sent to your paypal email address) with further instructions.

We accept Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Check and All Major Credit cards

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PAYPAL:   Include the additional paypal fee of  2.9%, + $0.30  (+ an additional 1.5% for foreign transactions outside the US) and send to:    NOTE:  TRICK ON PAYPAL TO ELIMINATE THE SERVICE FEES!  Send to “Friends or Family” and there are no service charges!

CREDIT CARD:   Please advise if you are paying by Credit Card.  We will issue a “Request for money” notification from Paypal for same.   CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS VIA PAYPAL ALSO CARRY AN ADDITIONAL PAYPAL FEE OF 2.9% + $0.30

ZELLE:  You can only pay with Zelle if your banking institution offers Zelle.  To pay via Zelle, use mobile number (843)222-1827.  There is no charge for this payment method. 

WIRE TRANSFER:  Please call 1.818.453.8777  for Routing Number and Account Number  ADD $15 FOR EACH WIRE TRANSACTION FEE

VENMO:  Send to @WebnRetail  or to Gale Rosenberg .  Free of additional payment charges

PAPER CHECK: Make Payable to:  Gale Rosenberg    Mail to:   92 Seaview Street;  Oxnard, CA  93035   

ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS:  Please call 1.818.453.8777  for Routing Number and Account Number  


**INCLUSIVE COSTS quoted do not include Client’s provision of merchandise, premium items, giveaway items, prizes, legal clearance fees (when applicable) , permits, or travel fees required (where applicable), print or radio advertising cost for events or release,  video or audio production, duplication or packaging costs, one sheets, Website updates,  website server charges,  domain renewal, poster manufacturing, Postage or Private carrier fees, mailing materials, flyers for stores, miscellaneous hard costs or any additional outside contractors required as agreed upon by both parties. 

^DELAYS:  Any delays requested by the Client, will not change the payments due on these dates, but will reflect in the addition of days (the end date) of services being rendered up to a maximum of 3 weeks to be added on to the end of the campaign date.

+ PAYMENT TERMS.  I understand that payment terms have been extended as a courtesy.  I also fully understand that my Issuance of  the initial  (down) payment commits myself or my Firm to remit all payments as outlined above.

START DATE:  Start date must be within 30 days of receiving first payment or payment will be forfeited.



We GUARANTEE to secure placements on playlists that total the number of followers that your individual campaign level states (all combined) .  IF WE DO NOT MEET THAT NUMBER, you will be refunded the pro-rated amount for the “missing” followers no later than 120 days from the official start date of the campaign.  For example:  You retain us to get your track on playlists totaling 500,000 followers.   Should we fall short (which by the way, has happened only once) and only get it on playlists totaling 400,000 followers you will be entitled to a refund for the 100,000 followers we did not deliver.  To calculate the refund – divide the total dollar amount of the campaign, by the number of followers you paid for.  So, if you paid (for example) $2,920 for 500,000 followers, your cost per follower is $0.00584 each.  You would be refunded $0.00584 x (the missing) 100,000 followers; a total of $584.00.



Gale Rosenberg |  Web ‘n Retail  |  92 Seaview Street   |  Oxnard, CA  93035 | 

PAPER CHECKS:  Make Payable to:  Gale Rosenberg

Thank you!   We appreciate your business!

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