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For Swell Skin we did our Google Research, to build our headlines and our tags/keywords, by submitting tags/keywords supplied by the client on Google's Keyword Tool and obtaining a list of search terms people search for, on that topic.  It also tells you how many Global searches are made for each keyword/tag, and how high or low the competition is to affect that word (to come up in searches for that word or phrase).


For our general spreadsheet, we searched for these 4 keywords (separately) and then we counted up how many times a word or phrase reoccured for each search;  with a highest possibility of coming up 4x. 



Uneven Skin Tone
Skin Cures
Natural Beauty Products
Beautiful Skin



We also did a separate spreadsheet for ACNE keywords for week 4's headlines, on Google's keyword tool.  We searched for these 3 keywords (separately) and then we counted up how many times a word or phrase reoccured for each search; with a highest possibility of coming up 3x.



Acne Remedy
Problem Skin



We go many extra miles to:



1)  Ensure that Google does not see our inclusions on their pages with a link to your website, as "duplicate content" which can derogatorily affect a client's website status on their search pages



2)  Not only we use multiple headlines each week, but also used multiple sets of different copy versus just 1 headline and 1 set of copy per week.




-  a 50 post campaign will use 1 headline and 1 set of copy per week (since its only 12.5 posts per week, there's no backlash that can happen for duplicate content)


-  a 100 post campaign will use 2 headlines and 2 sets of copy per week


-  a 200 post campaign will use 3 headlines and 3 sets of copy per week


-  a 300 post campaign will use 4 headlines and 4 sets of copy per week


For Swell Skin, although it was only a 50 post campaign, we went the extra mile, and did 4 headlines in week 1 and 3 headlines a week for weeks 2-4.


8-29-2018 4-12-17 PM.png

This is what it means: These are the results from the Google Keyword Tool.  We took the 4 most important tags/keywords that were supplied to us, by you, in your questionnaire.  We compared results from the most important tags.  We took search terms with the (1)  multiple appearances from the most important tags, (2) highest global searches and (3) the lowest competition.  We used these keywords/tags in our headline and generally in our first paragraph of blog copy, in an effort to try to affect those keyword searches. The more posts we make, the more likely you are to see your blog post(s) come up on these search queries.



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