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(To Music Press, Consumers, Websites & Bloggers, DJ's, Radio, By Genre
+ Press Fashion, Banking, Health, Women's Health, Arts, Sports, Home and More)

(Campaigns start at $255)

eBlast Services


Web ‘n Retail OWNS 6 million+ Opt-in eMails broken down into 500+ Niche Targeted lists. We can also develop a custom list for your specific music marketing needs.  With our eBlasts, we often get the highest open rates (as high as 58.7%), click-thru rates (as high as 24%) & forward rates (as high as 14%) in the Industry.   Unlike OTHER EBLAST SERVICES, we only charge you per eMail that successfully uploads. Other companies will ALWAYS charge you for the "Listed number" of emails.  This could represent a difference of up to 50% (or more!) waste on their lists/your cost.



We clean our lists with each send thus the numbers dwindle with each upload. Once you choose your lists, we upload them and charge you only for the number of successfully uploaded names.


Click here to see an example of results from one of our press eblasts.



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