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Do The Math...If you have 5 Band Members, That's Just $57.50 Per Band Member Per Month!

Deals don’t get any sweeter than this! 


The six-month package is perfect for all of your needs at a very low price. Our package consists of seven services.
We do two different marketing services for you per month.


The 6 Month Campaign Consists of 7 Services Broken Down as Follows:


60 Online Blog Postings
(10 Posts Every Month for 6 Months)

Allows you to be found under many common search terms online.  Posts are placed on Forums, News Aggregators and Bookmark Sharing Sites. The procedure creates viral exposure for you.    It creates long-lasting visibility on Google for search phrases you want to be seen on. (Value of $898)


Month 1
E-Blast to 1,500 Press Outlets

Gets your name out through press exposure.    E-Blasts to our list of Press Outlets result in exposure on in Print and/or the Web. The artist submits a finished press release complete with links of where to buy your product and/or to your audio track(s) and/or to your video. You will need to provide us with the finished press release, or we can write one for you for an additional $150. (Value of $375)


Month 2:
10 Press Postings on PR Distribution Services

Exposure across Internet and Top 10 Google Results.  10 Press Postings on PR Distribution Services drive traffic to the link of your choice to buy your product, and many other sites will pick up your press release as well, from the 10 sites we post on. (Value of $175).  You will need to provide us with the finished press release, or we can write one for you for an additional $150.


Month 3:
Audio Exposure Submission for One Track to 3 Programmers

Get extensive exposure alongside today’s hottest artists.  Our Audio Exposure Campaign puts your song into the hands of Podcasters, DJs, Radio Shows, Clubs and Record Pools that chomp at the bit each month to receive their compilation disc, for which they pay a subscription fee. (Requires acceptance) (Value of $200)


Month 4:

Social Media Marketing

We expand your fan base on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Reverbnation by reaching out to fans of "like" artists and inviting them to  "like", "Connect" or View your page/video/profile/channel (Value of $230)


Month 5:
Video Exposure Submissions for One Video to 10 Programmers

Our Video Exposure Campaign gets your music video played on large screens in a variety of lifestyle locations.  The genre specific nature of the campaign ensures your music is targeted to those locations that cater to your specific genre. Your video gets played on cruise ships, in clothing stores, sports venues, restaurants, etc. (Requires acceptance). (Value of $520)


Month 6:
Submission of URL to 100 Global Search Engines

Submission of your website URL to 100 Global search engines ensures your URL will appear on approximately 65,000 search engines Worldwide. This campaign allows you to be found or discovered in every Country in the world. The campaign drives traffic to your website and can boost CD & MP3 sales. (Value of $125)



NOTE:  If the timing for a particular service in a scheduled month doesn't fit your plan it can be moved to another month.  Or, if the monthly service doesn’t fit your needs we can swap out for one of the following services (or we can repeat a service already listed above):
- Soliciting Music Licensing representation
- Event Postings
- Video Posts (same as blog posts but we embed video on video sites)
- App Blogging
- App Press Posts
- App Press eBlast


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we will provide you with a proposal

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